Test Your Knowledge About the Moon With These Fun Facts


You see the moon on a daily basis, but how knowledgeable are you about Earth's only natural satellite? NASA's Common Moon Misconceptions page is setting the record straight about the moon. Here are a few common moon misconceptions: False: The moon makes its own light. True: The moon simply reflects light from the sun. False: […]

Put Your Spelling Skills to the Test With These Online Quizzes


Many people struggle with spelling, especially with today's advancing autocorrect technologies on cell phones, computers, and other commonly used electronic devices. If you want to improve your spelling skills and, in turn, improve your professional communications, these fun online quizzes can help. Merriam-Webster’s Commonly Misspelled Words If you’re an okay speller but you frequently find […]

How to Find a National Park Site Near You


Whether you're seeking fresh air, exercise, or an educational outing, the U.S. National Park Service has you covered. With a presence in all 50 states, the National Park Service comprises 401 monuments, parks, historical points of interest, battlefields, scenic trails, and of course, the White House. Curious what national parks exist near you? The U.S. […]

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