Blade-Free Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

October 13, 2015 | klein

Carving a pumpkin is a time-honored fall tradition, and it's even more fun when the kids can get involved! If you’re looking safe, knife-free ways to decorate a pumpkin this Halloween season, here are three great kid-friendly project ideas to try at Dwell Cherry Hill Apartments.

Paint Patterned Pumpkins []
Add hip, stylish patterns to pumpkins in all shapes and sizes with this easy DIY project. Simply use acrylic paint and painter’s tape to add a chic dip-dyed effect, or add chevron stripes to the entire surface of a large pumpkin. Choose colors that coordinate with your home’s décor, or pick fall-themed shades perfect for the autumn season.

Celestial Pumpkins []
Make your pumpkins more romantic than scary with this unique tutorial inspired by a starry night. Start by drilling holes into the sides of your pumpkins, and then use strings of white lights or LED tea lights to create the celestial effect.

Doily Pumpkins []
If your home décor style is a bit more romantic, you and your little ones can have fun decorating with antique doilies. By stretching doilies along the sides of a pumpkin and spraying with liquid starch, you’ll have a pretty pumpkin in under an hour.

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