Check Out These Quirky (and Useful) DIY Projects Using Mason Jars

September 15, 2015 | klein

You’ve seen mason jars used in hip cocktail bars, at rustic weddings, and even in friends’ homes, but did you know that these cheap containers can also be used as the foundation of DIY projects? If you want to make new use of all of those old mason jars, these simple (and useful) projects can help.

Mason Jar Wall Planter []
By attaching a few glass mason jars to a piece of reclaimed wood, you can create a whole new type of hanging planters. Use common pipe clamps from the hardware store to attach the jars to the wood, and then fill them with soil and plant whatever types of herbs or houseplants that you like best.

Baby Food Jar Snow Globes []
If you just had a new baby and have lots of used baby food jars lying around, repurpose them into quirky snow globes that make wonderful gifts this holiday season. Simply place some miniature trees or other figurines in the bottoms, fill the jar with water and glitter, and seal it all off with waterproof adhesive.

DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit []
While it is inspired by pricey versions sold in trendy stores, this DIY project will show you how to make your own adorable mason jar sewing kit right at home.

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