Fall Craft Projects Your Kids Will Love Making

October 14, 2014 | klein

Whether the kids are too young for school or they’re home for a holiday break, the fall season provides ample time for fun family crafts. Here are three DIY projects that will bring out the artistic side in your little ones.

Pumpkin Spice Playdough [smallfriendly.com]
Even if you’ve made your own playdough before, you’ve probably never seen one quite like this. Adding pumpkin pie spices to the usual recipe gives this moldable dough a fall-inspired scent, while a bit of food coloring adds autumn colors like red, orange, and yellow.

Apple Stamping [sweetlittlepeanut.com]
You may remember making stamps out of apples a child yourself, but this is one craft that truly stands the test of time. Simply cut small apples in half and let the kids use the flat sides as stamps with fall-colored paints. Best of all, this craft is fun for everyone from babies to toddlers and even your pre-teens!

Scribble Lantern Tutorial [valariebudayr.typepad.com]
There is some truly beautiful natural light come fall, so make the most of it with these paper lanterns that you can place on a sunny windowsill. The kids can scribble all over them with regular crayons to create a colorful look that’s even better when it catches the light.

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