Two Shopping Apps for Bargain Hunters

September 16, 2014 | klein

Ever met someone who didn't like getting a great deal on a new purchase? We didn't think so. Bargain hunting has its rewards, but not everyone has the time for comparison shopping. These free apps do the grunt work for you, ensuring that you're getting the best possible deal on whatever it is you're currently in the market for.

Available for Android devices, this app scours its database to find you coupons and promo codes for countless stores and restaurants across the country. You have the option for either printing the coupons out or presenting them to the cashier right from your phone. Email alerts about promos at stores near you keep you in the loop about the best sales.

Barcode Scanner
This handy app lets you comparison shop at the press of a button. Or in this case, the read of a barcode! While in a store, simply use your phone to scan a product's barcode or QR code and see if another retailer is offering the product at a lower price. This app is available for Android devices.

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